Welcome! The purpose of this website is to provide a record of my time as a research-minded student teacher, as well as to offer a potential framework for analyzing teaching philosophies and practices, and insights about teaching and learning that educators of all backgrounds may find useful or informative. Although you should feel free to explore the site as you wish, bear in mind that it is organized in its most cohesive form from left to right and top to bottom (looking at the main menu bar).

About the Researcher

Photo Credit: Amanda Egerer, artisticmelodies.com

My name is Miriam Roth, and I am a recent graduate of Hope College in Holland, MI with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary History and French Education. I completed this website during the┬áSpring semester of 2017, when I student taught in two high school classrooms (one French and one United States History) at grade levels 8 through 12. I extend my heartfelt thanks to my two mentor teachers over the course of this semester for inviting me into their classrooms where I was able to develop this study. I also received vital support in the way of ideas and encouragement in this project from my professor and research mentor, Dr. Deborah Van Duinen.

My Other Research

If you would like to explore my previous educational research (as stand-alone inquiries or as background to this project), please follow the links below!

Document-Based Learning in On-Level (Non-AP/Advanced) History Classrooms

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